BlancoDent Kit

3 packs + 1 box

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BlancoDent is a nourishing toothpaste powder with a pure natural formula, 100% edible. The formula contains a specially patented molecule that strengthens teeth and gums.

* Blancodent powder has no expiry date as it is antibacterial.

6 months

bicarbonate of soda, calcium carbonate, spearmint, silica, sodium saccharin, clove extract, gadding tea extract
Does not contain
foaming agents
carcinogenic substances

How to use it

Place the head of the toothbrush under the tap.
Remove the excess water from the head of the toothbrush.
Place the tip of the toothbrush into the box with BlancoDent .
Brush your teeth as you would with a regular toothpaste in a tube.
You can repeat step 3 two to three times.
Wash your toothbrush well and do not forget to place the lid on the box with BlancoDent.

What is the opinion of our clients

The only toothpaste that stopped my gums from bleeding.

Ivan Radoev

With Blancodent my daughter loves brushing her teeth, she has a lot of fun rubbing her brush in the powder as she calls it.

Stefan Trandev

The best currently on the market for maintaining dental and oral hygiene and WITHOUT chemicals, glue, fluoride and mouse poison.

Georgi Patrashev

I am really fascinated by the Blancodent toothpaste and thank you for the gesture and the quick response.

Violeta Dimova

I'm satisfied, I had a problem with my gums because I'm a smoker now I feel better and I haven't used half of the paste yet, it also has a whitening effect, this is not an advertisement just my opinion.

Teodora Hristova

To give you some feedback. I like the paste. I feel my oral cavity cleaner. The baking soda in the paste doesn't irritate my gums like conventional paste does.

Vasi Koleva