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Traditional toothpastes in tubes contain harmful chemicals – anaesthetics, preservatives and antibiotics.

BlancoDent is different – 100% natural and edible. For the first order you will have one Small Box which you can give to friends or relatives. 

BlancoDent is the right choice

Blanco Dent BlancoDent dry toothpaste natural edible healthy
BlancoDent all natural edible dry toothpaste

Pure and natural

BlancoDent is a nourishing toothpaste powder with a pure natural formula, without the toxic chemicals found in traditional toothpastes.

BlancoDent natural edible dry toothpaste

With edible formula

At BlancoDent, we strive to replace traditional toothpastes in a tube, making it clear that every oral hygiene product should have an edible formula.

BlancoDent natural edible dry toothpaste lab tested

Proven quality

BlancoDent is a proven quality tested in over 500 laboratory tests. This guarantees you uncompromising quality and effect with regular use.

BlancoDent natural edible dry toothpaste protects teeth

Strengthens and protects

BlancoDent ‘s formula contains a specially patented molecule that strengthens teeth and gums, promoting impeccable oral health.

Common ingredients
in toothpaste tubes.

Numerous studies classify fluorine as a carcinogen and, in certain doses, a poison. It is quickly absorbed by the body and causes a range of damage, especially to the central nervous system, making us miserable, depressed and inactive.
Thickeners are harmful, and gluten is an example. Many doctors link it to problems such as stroke, heart attack and a host of other diseases. Let's ask ourselves a few questions, "Would something liquid or something thick flow better in our body?" Does the word "circulation" mean anything to you? ", "Where does the word thickener come from?".
Foaming agents
Foaming agents destroy the fatty membrane of cells and can cause serious problems for our health. Our body consists of 80% water and if we destroy this fatty membrane in all our cells, our body will melt like snow in the sun.

BlancoDent does NOT contain similar substances

What is the opinion of our clients

The only toothpaste that stopped my gums from bleeding.

Ivan Radoev

With Blancodent my daughter loves brushing her teeth, she has a lot of fun rubbing her brush in the powder as she calls it.

Stefan Trandev

The best currently on the market for maintaining dental and oral hygiene and WITHOUT chemicals, glue, fluoride and mouse poison.

Georgi Patrashev

I am really fascinated by the Blancodent toothpaste and thank you for the gesture and the quick response.

Violeta Dimova

I'm satisfied, I had a problem with my gums because I'm a smoker now I feel better and I haven't used half of the paste yet, it also has a whitening effect, this is not an advertisement just my opinion.

Teodora Hristova

To give you some feedback. I like the paste. I feel my oral cavity cleaner. The baking soda in the paste doesn't irritate my gums like conventional paste does.

Vasi Koleva

Hear the opinion of Stoyan Valkov - Choko
about BlancoDent

BlancoDent contains a specially patented molecule that increases its effectiveness up to 10 times compared to regular toothpastes in a tube.

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